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How Grown Up Before Makeup?

Wearing makeup for the first time can feel like a right of passage into womanhood. Many of us may remember the first eye shadow palette we purchased or recall the first time we clumsily applied mascara to our eyelashes. How old were you when you were introduced to the full world of makeup? When is […]

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Video: B. Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Brennan Terry is on a mission to make girls and women everywhere feel beautiful in their own skin. She doesn’t believe in sticking to the industry’s beauty standards. That’s why she started her business, B. Beautiful Artistry. She specializes in hair, makeup and photography. You can also check out her YouTube channel here. Read her […]

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Letter from the Editor: Don’t Be Scared, Be Aware

To Our Beautiful Readers, It’s now officially fall and October will be here before we know it. October may possibly be my favorite month. It’s either that or December. I mean, December is hard to beat. It’s the month of Christmas AND my birthday. However, October is such a fun time. The weather is perfect, […]

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Meat and Potato Burrito

This post was written by our contributor, Jill Adams. For more of her recipes, visit I love Taco Johns. However, I live two hours from the nearest one. So I decided to make my own version of their Meat and Potato Burrito. It actually turned out pretty good. We’ll definitely be making them again! […]

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Candle Sweaters

Is anyone else looking forward to sweater weather? It’s still a little warm to pull my favorite knits out of the closet, but with this fun DIY, you can get your candles in the sweater weather mood. Candles add a great ambiance to a home, especially during the fall and winter months. Add something festive […]

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Sky is the Limit for 91-Year-Old Grandma

Four generations of women are waiting to hear if they set a Guinness World Record after going skydiving together on August 30. Mirryan Jo Christiansen (20), Reygan Bodily (22), Roma Christiansen (45), and Linda Snow (66) all agreed to jump with 91-year-old Marie Kimmey, known best as Grammie. Grammie first decided she wanted to go […]

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Video: Sky is the Limit for 91-Year-Old Grandma

Four generations of women may have set a world record after going skydiving together. And whose idea was it to jump out of a plane? That would be Grammie, a spry 91 year old. She is living proof that you are never too old for your dreams. Read her family’s entire story tomorrow, and for […]

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Make Your Own Dry Erase Board

Dry erase boards come in handy, let me tell you. Whether you need to jot down a list, remember a phone number or just want to display a favorite quote on the wall, a dry erase board is where it’s at. However, a lot of dry erase boards look the very same and they lack […]

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A Mother’s Take on Autism

Madison Bair is a lot like other ten-year-old girls. She loves horses, cheerleading and bowling. Her favorite subject in school is reading. She has a bright smile that can light up any room. Madison is one of the happiest girls you’ll meet, but she’s dealt with many struggles at her young age. Madison was born […]

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Video: A Mother’s Take on Autism

Ten-year-old Madison Bair lights up the room with her loving personality and happy smile. Madison is also autistic. Her mother, Brooke Bair, takes a seat in the Share Chair to explain what it’s like to have a child with autism. Brooke and Madison both show us that having a disability isn’t wrong or scary, it […]

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