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Have Yourself a Healthy Holiday

The holidays are a special time, but they can also be stressful. Between the parties and shopping, it might be easy to think you don’t have time for exercise. And between the parties and baking, you might find yourself sneaking more sweets than usual. In fact, the average American gains between seven and ten pounds […]

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Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornaments

This week’s project is all about recycling memories from Christmas past!! So grab the glitter, bottle brush trees, tinsel, ribbon, and miniature trinkets and we’ll show you how it’s done. TUNAFISH CAN ORNAMENT The initial idea for this post was inspired by an ornament from my childhood.  It was similar to the beauty pictured above. The year would have been […]

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Saint Nick’s Helpers at Santa’s Red Letter

Crystal Stapley and her husband are a couple of Santa’s many helping hands. They run their business, Santa’s Red Letter, out of their home in Hyrum where they help Santa Claus write back to children. The Stapleys first had the idea for the business when their oldest son asked why Santa never replied to his […]

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Video: Saint Nick’s Helpers at Santa’s Red Letter

Crystal Stapley is one of Santa’s helpers. Years ago, her oldest son asked why Santa never replied to his letters. This inspired Crystal and her husband to start Santa’s Red Letter, a way for parents to choose customized letters for their children, sent straight from the North Pole. Crystal told us of the magic behind […]

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What Christmas Memories Smell Like

In the book “The Christmas Box”, written by Richard Paul Evans, a question is raised. This question comes to my mind every year around Christmas time and the answer is usually different each year. The question is….Which of the senses are most affected by Christmas?  This is a difficult question to answer because after all, this time of […]

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Staying Positive Through Difficult Times

When missionaries for the LDS Church return home, it’s usually an exciting time. They are greeted in the airport by family members who are holding colorful posters. They are able to finally embrace their family members after two years of communicating with them mostly through email and letters. Jensen Parrish’s homecoming didn’t go that way. […]

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Video: Staying Positive Through Difficult Times

Jensen Parrish is a bubbly and friendly girl in her early twenties. While she seems upbeat, she admits that the past year has been packed full of trials. Last February, both she and her brother were serving missions for the LDS Church when they received the startling news that their family passed away due to […]

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