Saint Nick’s Helpers at Santa’s Red Letter

Crystal Stapley and her husband are a couple of Santa’s many helping hands. They run their business, Santa’s Red Letter, out of their home in Hyrum where they help Santa Claus write back to children. The Stapleys first had the idea for the business when their oldest son asked why Santa never replied to his letters.

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“That kind of got us thinking that we’re not the only parents who have their children ask that question,” Crystal explained.

Three years ago, the couple experimented by sending letters to close friends and family members. So far this year, they have sent out more than 400 letters.

On their website,, parents can choose from a variety of letter templates and further customize it to fit each unique child. Each letter has Santa’s gold foil signature at the bottom. They also arrive in the mail with a red wax seal (marked with an “S” of course). Nice letters (red letters) as well as naughty letters (black letters) are available to purchase for $9.95, and from each purchase $1 goes to Toys for Tots. Besides letters, you can also have a Certificate of Nice or Naughty sent in the mail. Certificates cost $5, or $2 if you also buy a letter.

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“Our naughty letters are geared more toward adults,” Crystal laughed. “It’s not fun for kids to get a naughty letter.”

Crystal said you can also do a letter for a group if you don’t want to order several letters. The last day to order is December 17. This is so the Stapleys can get everything in the mail and out to families before Christmas Day.

“Every single letter is very positive,” she said. “It talks more about the spirit of Christmas and focuses more on the giving rather than the receiving. We like kids to think a little more about others than themselves.”

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This is definitely something Crystal focuses on with her own five children.

“Very few things I remember getting for Christmas, but you always remember when you do something for someone else.”

For this reason, Crystal gets her kids involved with purchasing gifts for the Toys for Tots program. Her oldest son also helps behind the scenes of Santa’s Red Letter.

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Crystal said it’s an enjoyable experience to get feedback from their customers. Just recently, someone messaged them through Facebook saying their daughter received her letter at the most perfect moment. The daughter had a hard day at school and stuck up for a friend who was being bullied. The parent said that getting the letter and certificate turned their daughter’s whole day around.

“It’s just really special for us to be a part of other people’s Christmas,” the mom said.

Get your own letters ordered before December 17 at

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