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celebrating mom-featured

Celebrating Mom Essay Contest

At Sharing Shine, our main focus is to celebrate women. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate moms everywhere . . . but we need help from our readers. Words are powerful. This Mother’s Day, use your words for good by telling your mom just exactly how […]

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earth day-featured

Help the Planet, Help Yourself

We sure do have a beautiful planet to call home. Speaking of home, don’t you feel more at peace when your personal living quarters are clean, safe and cared for? Those same feelings of tranquility can be felt when we care for this big home we all share together: EARTH. When you take care of […]

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cone plant-featured

Ice Cream Cone Plants

Just a couple more days until Earth Day is here! What better way to celebrate this earth than by adding some more beauty to it? Today we are showing you a unique and waste-free way to grow your very own plant. WHAT YOU’LL NEED:  seeds soil ice cream cones Flower cone, anyone? It may look […]

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worm pudding-featured

Earth Day Pudding

Earth Day is right around the corner! How will you celebrate? Whether you decide to conserve water, teach your kids about recycling, or you just want to get out and enjoy nature, anything will be made ten times better with a delicious dessert to snack on. Today we are bringing you just the treat to […]

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spring jars-featured

Spring Flower Jars

You know how the old saying goes: April showers bring May flowers. I couldn’t be more excited about the colored blooms popping up around my yard. Not only do I love the outdoor flowers, but it’s always nice to bring some of that floral elegance indoors. Today we have a sweet and simple way to […]

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Visiting Gown Town

It’s that time again: prom season. Girls will spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful dress that they will wear for one magical night. Then that dress will most likely be tucked away in storage, perhaps forgotten about for years. “I just kept thinking about the potential of all these prom dresses hanging in closets […]

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Video: Visiting Gown Town

Lorinda Field couldn’t stop thinking about all the used (maybe only once) formal dresses hanging in the back of people’s closets. She decided to take this thought and make a business out of it. Lorinda now runs Gown Town out of her home in North Logan. She rents and sells dresses on consignment, making it […]

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bunny bag-featured

Easter Bunny Treat Bags

Treat bags are obviously the best . . . because they are full of treats. Make the treat bag festive and adorable, and you’re basically the master. We decided to take some boring, little cinch bags and give them a touch of Easter by turning them into Easter Bunny bags! While you only have a […]

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peep smores- featured

Peep S’mores

When it comes to holiday candy, Easter candy wins it for me. From the peanut butter eggs to the Cadbury mini eggs, it’s all just a sugar coma waiting to happen. However, one bit of Easter candy I’ve never been able to get behind are those blasted Peeps. When it comes to Peeps, it seems […]

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pom pom rabbit- featured

Pom Pom Bunny Rabbits

Remember that time we taught you the easy way to make pom poms? We mentioned that there are a plethora of ways to use your pom poms. Today, we are getting in the Easter and springtime spirit by making pom pom bunnies! Follow our tutorial to make your pom poms. You will need two pom […]

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