Easter Bunny Treat Bags

bunny bag 1

Treat bags are obviously the best . . . because they are full of treats. Make the treat bag festive and adorable, and you’re basically the master.

We decided to take some boring, little cinch bags and give them a touch of Easter by turning them into Easter Bunny bags! While you only have a couple days until Easter is here, with a few simple stitching skills, you can whip up a family of bunny rabbit bags in no time flat.

bunny bag 2


  • bag of some kind
  • needle
  • embroidery floss
  • scissors
  • pom pom (or something) for the bunny’s nose
  • pencil

bunny bag 3

First off, lightly draw an outline of your rabbit’s face on to your bag using a pencil. Then the stitching begins. Use a french knot to make the Easter Bunny eyes. You can then either choose to use a back stitch or straight stitch for the whiskers and mouth.

Once your stitching is done, you might notice your bunny is missing an important feature . . . the nose! We used a blush pink pom pom for our bunny’s nose. Simply hot glue it in place.

You might also choose to get creative with your bunny’s ears. We decided the draw strings on our bag worked well as ears, so we chose to not add anything.

bunny bag 4

Last but definitely not least, fill your Easter Bunny bag up with your favorite Easter candy. These would be cute party favors or make the perfect addition to a child’s Easter basket. Every “bunny” is bound to adore them. See what I did there?

“Hoppy” weekend! Okay, I’ll stop with the bad puns now.

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