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How to Begin Running

This post is by our contributor, Alyssa Craig. For more healthy lifestyle tips, visit her blog at So you want to start running and really who could blame you? From the endorphins, to the adorable outfits, the race crowds cheering you on, to the calorie burnage, who could blame you? When you join the […]

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No-Sew Patio Furniture Cushions

Why is it that outdoor furniture is so expensive? My home has a very spacious deck where we spend most of our time during the summer months. My husband and I decided that with all of the time we spend out there eating meals, relaxing with friends and hosting parties, it only made sense to fill the […]

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From Small Town Girl to Five-Time All-American

Who runs for fun? That’s the question Chari Hawkins asked her friends when they wanted to join the track team in the seventh grade. Reluctantly, the Rexburg, Idaho native followed suit and joined the team, but her reasoning was mostly just to socialize with her peers. To avoid running at all costs, Chari took up […]

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Videos: From Small Town Girl to Five-Time All-American

Meet Chari Hawkins. She’s the first ever female track and field athlete at Utah State University to earn All-American honors five times. Now the heptathlete is currently in South Korea competing in the World University Games. Next stop? The Olympic Trials. This small town Idahoan is said to be one of the best athletes in […]

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Hi, I Think You’re Perfect

This post is by our contributor, Amy Nelson.  I’m obsessed with body image. Utterly obsessed. Not in the bad way like you would suspect, but in the I-wish-everyone-was-comfortable-in-their-own-skin-because-everyone-is-so-stinkin-perfect kind of way. As women, we tear ourselves down. It’s a concept we claim as natural, but really it’s just unfortunately learned. Insecurities, comparisons, low self-esteem, and […]

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