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gardening lessons-featured

How Planting a Garden Helped Me Become a Better Human

This post is by our contributor, Allie Jurkatis. I’ve never had a natural love for gardening. All my experience of growing plants involve miserable childhood memories of pulling weeds in the dead heat, and running away terrified from unearthed spiders and worms. But this year, out of the blue, I had the strange urge to […]

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sleep mask-featured

Don’t Bat an Eye…DIY Sleep Masks

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep at home or even on an airplane or traveling? Let’s face it, we just aren’t the same when we don’t get enough sleep!  Because we all need our beauty sleep, we thought it might be helpful to share a tutorial on how to make your very own fashionable sleep […]

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Homemade Oreo Cookies

When I was a child, my grandma had a special cookie tin that she always filled with Oreo cookies. The house was full of excitement anytime she got that tin from the shelf and pulled the milk out of the fridge. Since I’ve grown up, I don’t know if the Oreo cookie has changed or […]

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Mendon Peak-featured

Take a Hike: Mendon Peak

There is a wide variety of ways to get out and get active. The most important thing is that you find something that is right for you. Living in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains here in Cache Valley, one of the many activities we have easy access to is hiking. Hiking is great because […]

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floral crown-featured

Create Your Own Floral Crown

It’s now September, but did you know summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd? So don’t bust out everything pumpkin yet, and enjoy these last fleeting days of the summer sun. Maybe you can celebrate the end of summer (or live in denial that it’s ending) by making your own flower crown. Wear it to […]

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