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Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween is just days away. Do you have your costume ready? If the answer to that question is no then you’re in the right place. There’s no need to feel anxiety over putting a costume together. This is supposed to be fun, remember? We put together seven costume ideas for you that are easy to […]

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Three HEALTHY Halloween Snacks

There are so many fun aspects to Halloween, but if you were to ask most kids, they might claim their favorite part of the holiday is all the candy. The candy and treats of Halloween may seem super sweet at first, but parents and children alike might regret the sugar intake come November 1st when […]

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Five Fun Halloween Balloons

Halloween is coming right up, and speaking of up, one way you can get festive is with balloons! Whether you are hosting a party or you’re just a balloon lover, these five spooky fun balloon DIYs are just the thing for you.   1. Spiderweb balloon WHAT YOU NEED: balloon web spider rings tape This […]

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Seed Harvesting

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! I love the vibrant colors of the fall leaves and the feeling in the air and all the smells that come along with the changing of the season.¬†I am a little sad, however, to say goodbye to my beautiful flowers as these cooler temperatures¬†set in. My flowers […]

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Brave Like a Girl

Photos taken by Maci B Photography “Like a girl”. Those three words have a lot of power. Depending on what you put before that phrase, an insult can be formed, one that degrades girls and tells them they’re not good enough. Or . . . you can form a sentence that will instill power and […]

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Videos: Brave Like a Girl

After she spoke out about a sexist poster hanging in the halls of her high school, Alina Brown experienced severe cyber bullying from her peers. Her full story is coming soon to Sharing Shine. Hopefully from this teenager’s experience, we can strive to be more respectful and understanding of others around us. No more bullying […]

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