Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

I absolutely adore giving loved ones gifts during the Christmas season. It’s the best thing to watch someone you care for open a gift you wrapped. And while I love putting thought into what’s inside the wrapped box, I also like taking the time to make the appearance of the gift box something special. I like to make the look of the gift somehow represent the person getting it in some way. Not to mention, gift wrapping can be a fun, creative outlet and a terrific way to unwind after a long day.

However, with the prices of wrapping paper, gift tags and festive ribbon, you can quickly rack up quite the bill on gift wrapping supplies. This can seem a bit silly when you know the paper and ribbon will eventually be ripped off your gift and perhaps thrown in the trash. If you enjoy making the appearance of your gifts special but don’t want to spend a chunk of money to do so, you’re in the right place. We have four fairly simple gift wrapping tutorials for you today that use affordable supplies. Not only that, but they have so much personality that they are bound to stick out from underneath the tree!

Santa Gift gift wrap 2

For the nice person on your list, dress their present up as Santa Claus. Use an inexpensive roll of red paper to wrap your gift. Then use black felt and gold glitter paper to create a Santa belt for your box. Use a hot glue gun to keep that belt secure.

Season’s Scribblings gift wrap 3

Make homemade wrapping paper using brown paper and a marker. Lay your paper out on a flat surface and jot down your favorite Christmas phrase or design until the entire paper is covered. If you are writing words, I advise using a ruler to keep your letters straight. I put “Merry Christmas” on mine. After writing it and rewriting it so much, it started to feel like I was spelling things wrong. Kind of hilarious. I love the look of this. It’s fun to see your present covered with uplifting words . . . and in your very own handwriting! Add a ribbon or bow for a touch of color.

Rudolph Presentgift wrap 4

This gift wrapping idea is a hit with the little ones. Wrap your present in brown paper. Make little ears out of the brown paper as well. Take that red paper you used for the Santa Box and cut out a red circle (this will be Rudolph’s nose). Cut antlers out of brown paper, and add eyes using white paper and a marker. Glue your cute reindeer face in place on your present. You’ll go down in history as the world’s best gift wrapper with this bright idea.

Blizzard Box gift wrap 5

Wrap your gift up in paper of your choice. I, again, used brown paper. Then, using a glue gun, put white pom poms all over your present. It will look like a little blizzard of a box in no time. Tie on some snowflake ribbon to stick with your theme. This present is a sweet wrap 1

There are so many ways you can get creative with your gift wrapping. Don’t forget, it’s always the thought that counts . . . but wrapping the thought in a pretty box never hurt.

Good luck with all your last-minute shopping and  present wrapping!


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