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Paint Swatch Bookmarks

There are so many fun project ideas involving the use of paint swatches. This paint swatch tutorial is for all our bookworm friends out there. How often do you have to use a receipt or whatever spare paper you can find in your purse to save the spot in your book? Now you can save […]

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winter blues-featured

Six Ways to Combat the Winter Blues

Sometimes the transition from winter to spring can be a rough one. After months of shorter days, colder temperatures and being cooped up in the house, you may feel a little bit antsy . . . maybe even depressed. Seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as SAD, is a form of depression triggered by the changing […]

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sugar cookies-featured

Valentine Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day is almost here. That means it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a batch of delicious sugar cookies. These sugar cookies are light and fluffy . . . heart eyes for days. Making them will leave a magical whiff of vanilla and lemon floating about your kitchen. Bake some up and decorate […]

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love birdfeeders-featured

Lovebird Feeders

Spread some love this Valentine’s Day by feeding the birds! During the winter months, it can be difficult for birds to find seeds due to all that snow, so help a fine feathered friend out and hang a homemade bird feeder in your yard. And in celebration of the occasion of Love Day, we’re going […]

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superbowl cupcakes-featured

Superbowl Cupcakes

Which team will you be rooting for to win the Superbowl? Or maybe, if you’re like me, you’ll be watching the game so you have an excuse to eat all the food. Whip up a batch of these Superbowl cupcakes to take to your party and you’re sure to score big with everyone in attendance. […]

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