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Why advertise with Sharing Shine? 

Through our site, we are striving to celebrate, connect and inspire women. We try our very best to do this with our content, and we believe you can do it too by providing your business to our readers! We want to connect our readers (predominantly women) to you and your services. We want them to be inspired by the products you offer. Lastly, we want to celebrate you and your business and the way you contribute to our community!

Sharing Shine is all about being an uplifting place for girls and women to cheer one another on. If your business offers something beneficial to our readers and the world, we want to cheer you and your business on as well. Not only do we offer several very affordable options for advertising, but we really do care about your personal success. We don’t only want to do business with you, we want to build a relationship with you. Let Sharing Shine be your biggest cheerleader. Keep reading to find an option that will best fit you and your company.

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Pay monthly to have your ad featured on our site. We have heavy readership in the Northern Utah area, but we also have readers from all across the country. Your advertisement with us will reach a broader viewership than that of a local paper. Not only that, but our site is not congested with ads. Your ad will be easily visible and placed right along with our main content. Forget the overpriced ad pages that get quickly looked over and thrown away. When you advertise with Sharing Shine, our readers will notice you.

We currently have one size option:

  • 125×125 ad- This is featured on the right-hand sidebar of the website

For pricing, please email

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For a lesser cost than ad space on the site, you can purchase a social media shout out. At Sharing Shine, we are very active on social media. For a reasonable cost, we will give your business and the services you offer a shout out on both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is a quick and affordable way to get the word out about your business.

For pricing, email

advertise 4To really let our readers know more about your business and what you offer, a sponsored post is for you! For a very competitive rate, we will write an article featuring  your business. This would include us meeting you on set, taking photos to highlight your services, and interviewing you to create an article that our readers will enjoy. While we write the sponsored post, we work very closely with you to get your personality to shine through. This is your sponsored post, your creative way to highlight your business, we just do the work to make it all come together. Our goal is to keep these sponsored posts in line with Sharing Shine’s regular content. If your business offers something to girls or women and you want to teach them more about your services, a sponsored post is the perfect way to do it. Let’s get creative and find a way to use your services and products to teach our readers something new.

Your post will also be shared on all social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Not only that, but the shelf life of a sponsored post is very beneficial. Your sponsored post will forever be accessible in our archives, so our readers (your customers) can read it at any point in time.

For pricing and to bounce ideas around for your sponsored post, email

We can’t wait to represent your business. Let’s work together to build a strong community filled with successful business owners! We are excited to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas.