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Mini Easter Baskets

Miniature things are always cuter. Examples: mini candy bars, baby animals, human babies, human babies’ clothes . . . okay, you get the picture, I hope. So with Easter fast approaching, we asked ourselves, “What could be cuter than miniature Easter baskets?” Granted, you can’t pile it full of sugar like you can a regular […]

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Paint Swatch Bookmarks

There are so many fun project ideas involving the use of paint swatches. This paint swatch tutorial is for all our bookworm friends out there. How often do you have to use a receipt or whatever spare paper you can find in your purse to save the spot in your book? Now you can save […]

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Lovebird Feeders

Spread some love this Valentine’s Day by feeding the birds! During the winter months, it can be difficult for birds to find seeds due to all that snow, so help a fine feathered friend out and hang a homemade bird feeder in your yard. And in celebration of the occasion of Love Day, we’re going […]

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Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

I absolutely adore giving loved ones gifts during the Christmas season. It’s the best thing to watch someone you care for open a gift you wrapped. And while I love putting thought into what’s inside the wrapped box, I also like taking the time to make the appearance of the gift box something special. I […]

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Make Your Own Deer Plaque

Deer everything and anything is always trendy around the Christmas season. Personally, I love deer all year long. If you’re like me and hold anything deer-themed dear to your heart or you’re just decking your halls for the holidays, you might find this deer plaque tutorial to be just the thing to work on . […]

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Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween is just days away. Do you have your costume ready? If the answer to that question is no then you’re in the right place. There’s no need to feel anxiety over putting a costume together. This is supposed to be fun, remember? We put together seven costume ideas for you that are easy to […]

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Five Fun Halloween Balloons

Halloween is coming right up, and speaking of up, one way you can get festive is with balloons! Whether you are hosting a party or you’re just a balloon lover, these five spooky fun balloon DIYs are just the thing for you.   1. Spiderweb balloon WHAT YOU NEED: balloon web spider rings tape This […]

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Seed Harvesting

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! I love the vibrant colors of the fall leaves and the feeling in the air and all the smells that come along with the changing of the season. I am a little sad, however, to say goodbye to my beautiful flowers as these cooler temperatures set in. My flowers […]

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Don’t Bat an Eye…DIY Sleep Masks

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep at home or even on an airplane or traveling? Let’s face it, we just aren’t the same when we don’t get enough sleep!  Because we all need our beauty sleep, we thought it might be helpful to share a tutorial on how to make your very own fashionable sleep […]

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Create Your Own Floral Crown

It’s now September, but did you know summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd? So don’t bust out everything pumpkin yet, and enjoy these last fleeting days of the summer sun. Maybe you can celebrate the end of summer (or live in denial that it’s ending) by making your own flower crown. Wear it to […]

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