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Beating Heart Brunch

Valentine’s Day came and it went, but we are still feeling the love here at Sharing Shine. Exactly a week before Valentine’s Day, Sharing Shine put on her first ever Valentine event! February seemed like the perfect time to gather women together to remind them of their worth and to encourage each person to love […]

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Come to the Beating Heart Brunch

We’ve been itching to do another Sharing Shine event ever since our last one ended. We decided that coming together to celebrate Valentine’s Day would be the perfect excuse. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, even though it often gets advertised that way. This is a season to love everyone we come in contact with […]

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Escape to the Mountains

On September 19th, we had our very first (of many to come) Sharing Shine event. We ran away for the evening to a cabin in the mountains. When I say in the mountains, I mean it was really in the mountains. The road up was a little sketchy at times and a few of our […]

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The First Ever Sharing Shine Women’s Retreat

We are over the top thrilled to be hosting our FIRST EVER SHARING SHINE EVENT! When Sharing Shine was still just a spark of an idea,¬†our minds were flooded with the whys, hows, whens, and ways that we could make it all happen and make it real. We could see endless possibilities! Celebrating women/girls is […]

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