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Hi, I Think You’re Perfect

This post is by our contributor, Amy Nelson.  I’m obsessed with body image. Utterly obsessed. Not in the bad way like you would suspect, but in the I-wish-everyone-was-comfortable-in-their-own-skin-because-everyone-is-so-stinkin-perfect kind of way. As women, we tear ourselves down. It’s a concept we claim as natural, but really it’s just unfortunately learned. Insecurities, comparisons, low self-esteem, and […]

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Miss Utah Gets Real About Body Image

Third time is the charm. At least, it was for Karlie Major. After competing in the Miss Cache Valley Pageant twice and earning scholarship money both times, Karlie thought she was ready to call it quits. Then at last minute, she decided to give the competition one last go after much encouragement from her director. […]

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Video: Miss Utah Gets Real About Body Image

Miss Utah takes the Share Chair to talk about her platform, “Get Real: Using Media Smarts to Promote a Positive Body Image”. Let’s support and celebrate Karlie Major as she competes in Miss America this September. Read her full story on Sharing Shine tomorrow. For now, check out the sneak-peek video posted above.

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You Are ALWAYS Swimsuit Ready

Every summer, we as women get bombarded by the media to have our bodies “swimsuit ready”. The advertisements about getting our “bikini body in X amount of weeks” are endless. Summer has turned into “swimsuit season”. The pressures to look a certain way in our bathing suits can cause poor body image and also ruin […]

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