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Seed Harvesting-featured

Seed Harvesting

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! I love the vibrant colors of the fall leaves and the feeling in the air and all the smells that come along with the changing of the season. I am a little sad, however, to say goodbye to my beautiful flowers as these cooler temperatures set in. My flowers […]

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Keeping Thanks in Thanksgiving

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could celebrate Thanksgiving every single week? Of course, we look forward to filling up on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, but more importantly…..this time of the year gives us a chance to reflect on all that is good in our lives and to count our blessings. Along with your […]

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Maple Buttercream Cupcakes

The weather is changing and we are beginning to feel that all too familiar chill in the air. Autumn is saying her last goodbyes and winter is fast approaching. One of my favorite places to be on days like this is safe in my warm home with the fire crackling and the delicious smell of something yummy drifting through the […]

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bookpage wreath-featured

Autumn Book Page Wreath

It’s time to take down those Halloween decorations and get ready for Thanksgiving! One of the things that I really love about decorating this time of the year is that anything autumn can be used to decorate for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, so a few of my favorites will be sticking around for another few weeks. […]

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Not Your Average Walk In the Park

The North Logan Pumpkin Walk is a 31-year-old tradition that all started with one woman named Ida Beutler. Ida wanted to come up with a family-friendly Halloween activity that wasn’t scary. She loved children and wanted to find a way to bring out the inner-child in us all. She and her husband decided to set […]

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Video: Not Your Average Walk In the Park

The North Logan Pumpkin Walk is a highly anticipated Halloween event here in Cache Valley. It brings in thousands of people. It also takes hundreds of pumpkins, countless hours of work, and dedication from endless volunteers. We take you behind the scenes and chat with several women who help make the Pumpkin Walk possible. Look […]

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Escape to the Mountains

On September 19th, we had our very first (of many to come) Sharing Shine event. We ran away for the evening to a cabin in the mountains. When I say in the mountains, I mean it was really in the mountains. The road up was a little sketchy at times and a few of our […]

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pumpkin roll- featured

Pumpkin Roll

Fall time means pumpkin time. There is something in that crisp cool air that makes me want to pile pumpkins on my porch and light every pumpkin-scented candle I can get my hands on. And the  baked goods. Don’t even get me started on the baked goods. I love pumpkin-flavored-everything from the cookies to the […]

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Preserving Autumn Leaves

FALL, THE BEST OF ALL! Can time just stand still for a little while so we can continue to enjoy the oranges, yellows and reds that are so beautifully blanketing our hills right now?  We have been blessed to have some magnificent fall weather this year! Seriously…..have you gone for a ride in the mountains? If not….you […]

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Letter from the Editor: Don’t Be Scared, Be Aware

To Our Beautiful Readers, It’s now officially fall and October will be here before we know it. October may possibly be my favorite month. It’s either that or December. I mean, December is hard to beat. It’s the month of Christmas AND my birthday. However, October is such a fun time. The weather is perfect, […]

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