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Fighting for Self-Worth

In high school, Crystal Carter was the happy-go-lucky class clown who didn’t seem to have a worry in the world. However, the Clifton, Idaho native revealed that she often forced herself to put on a smile and act like nothing was wrong. “I didn’t have a sense of self-worth. I didn’t have any value in […]

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Staying Positive Through Difficult Times

When missionaries for the LDS Church return home, it’s usually an exciting time. They are greeted in the airport by family members who are holding colorful posters. They are able to finally embrace their family members after two years of communicating with them mostly through email and letters. Jensen Parrish’s homecoming didn’t go that way. […]

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Video: Staying Positive Through Difficult Times

Jensen Parrish is a bubbly and friendly girl in her early twenties. While she seems upbeat, she admits that the past year has been packed full of trials. Last February, both she and her brother were serving missions for the LDS Church when they received the startling news that their family passed away due to […]

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Counting Down to Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To be honest, I almost love all the days leading up to Christmas more than Christmas Day. The anticipation through the whole month of December can be loads of fun. One fun tradition for many is to have a Christmas Countdown hanging somewhere in the home. Today […]

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Sky is the Limit for 91-Year-Old Grandma

Four generations of women are waiting to hear if they set a Guinness World Record after going skydiving together on August 30. Mirryan Jo Christiansen (20), Reygan Bodily (22), Roma Christiansen (45), and Linda Snow (66) all agreed to jump with 91-year-old Marie Kimmey, known best as Grammie. Grammie first decided she wanted to go […]

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