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Six Ways to Combat the Winter Blues

Sometimes the transition from winter to spring can be a rough one. After months of shorter days, colder temperatures and being cooped up in the house, you may feel a little bit antsy . . . maybe even depressed. Seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as SAD, is a form of depression triggered by the changing […]

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Making Goals and Keeping Them

What do you know, it’s 2016! It’s a new year and what many view as a fresh start or clean slate. We are all about making goals to work for throughout the upcoming year. However, here’s your loving reminder to avoid taking on too much, being too critical of yourself, and quickly feeling like you’ve […]

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How Gratitude Is Good for You

Every November here in the United States, we gather together with loved ones and celebrate Thanksgiving. We fill our stomachs with good food and our hearts with gratitude. However, an attitude of gratitude might be one we’d like to develop for the entire course of the year and not only for November. According to science, […]

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The One Thing All Women Can Learn From Football

This post is by our contributor, Allie Jurkatis.  My husband, like most American men, lives and breathes for football season. Ok, he’s not quite that extreme, but he does love it. I, on the other hand, do not. I enjoy watching a game or two here and there, but with so many match-ups going on […]

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gardening lessons-featured

How Planting a Garden Helped Me Become a Better Human

This post is by our contributor, Allie Jurkatis. I’ve never had a natural love for gardening. All my experience of growing plants involve miserable childhood memories of pulling weeds in the dead heat, and running away terrified from unearthed spiders and worms. But this year, out of the blue, I had the strange urge to […]

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Mendon Peak-featured

Take a Hike: Mendon Peak

There is a wide variety of ways to get out and get active. The most important thing is that you find something that is right for you. Living in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains here in Cache Valley, one of the many activities we have easy access to is hiking. Hiking is great because […]

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Morning Exercise Motivation

Fitting a good sweat session into your packed, daily schedule can sometimes be a drag. When will I have the time? While exercising any time of the day is beneficial for your health, rising with the sun to fit in a vigorous workout might be your best option. It sounds horrible to get out of […]

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How to Begin Running

This post is by our contributor, Alyssa Craig. For more healthy lifestyle tips, visit her blog at seethisgirlrun.com. So you want to start running and really who could blame you? From the endorphins, to the adorable outfits, the race crowds cheering you on, to the calorie burnage, who could blame you? When you join the […]

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Hi, I Think You’re Perfect

This post is by our contributor, Amy Nelson.  I’m obsessed with body image. Utterly obsessed. Not in the bad way like you would suspect, but in the I-wish-everyone-was-comfortable-in-their-own-skin-because-everyone-is-so-stinkin-perfect kind of way. As women, we tear ourselves down. It’s a concept we claim as natural, but really it’s just unfortunately learned. Insecurities, comparisons, low self-esteem, and […]

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Summer Reminders-featured

Summer Reminders

This post was written by our contributor, Alyssa Craig. For more healthy lifestyle tips, visit her blog at seethisgirlrun.com.  The temperature keeps climbing, shorts and flip flops are coming out of hibernation and we have a craving for popsicles 24/7 –  summer is here (the official first day is less than a week away). As […]

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