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Videos: Pedaling Across the Country for Peace

Emily James spent the summer of 2015 riding her bike across the United States. She did this to honor her friend, Paul, who was hit by a car and killed while riding his own bike. Emily used the journey to promote peace and to also more fully discover what peace meant to her personally. Find […]

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Fighting for Self-Worth

In high school, Crystal Carter was the happy-go-lucky class clown who didn’t seem to have a worry in the world. However, the Clifton, Idaho native revealed that she often forced herself to put on a smile and act like nothing was wrong. “I didn’t have a sense of self-worth. I didn’t have any value in […]

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Videos: Fighting for Self-Worth

Crystal Carter found self-worth after overcoming her addiction. She is living proof that through our darkest moments, we can learn to shine. You DON’T want to miss her full story, coming tomorrow. Watch this short video and come back tomorrow to hear more about Crystal’s brave journey.

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Brave Like a Girl

Photos taken by Maci B Photography “Like a girl”. Those three words have a lot of power. Depending on what you put before that phrase, an insult can be formed, one that degrades girls and tells them they’re not good enough. Or . . . you can form a sentence that will instill power and […]

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Videos: Brave Like a Girl

After she spoke out about a sexist poster hanging in the halls of her high school, Alina Brown experienced severe cyber bullying from her peers. Her full story is coming soon to Sharing Shine. Hopefully from this teenager’s experience, we can strive to be more respectful and understanding of others around us. No more bullying […]

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From Small Town Girl to Five-Time All-American

Who runs for fun? That’s the question Chari Hawkins asked her friends when they wanted to join the track team in the seventh grade. Reluctantly, the Rexburg, Idaho native followed suit and joined the team, but her reasoning was mostly just to socialize with her peers. To avoid running at all costs, Chari took up […]

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Hope Through Hardships

Single mother Melanie Jacobson does everything she can to provide the best life for her daughter, Taya. “I do have a lot of help from family and friends, and I’m grateful for that. Without them I wouldn’t be making it. I’d be pulling my hair out,” the young mom admits. “It’s very trying at times, […]

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Video: Hope Through Hardships

Melanie Jacobson┬álost her husband to cancer in 2012. Since then she has moved forward with hope, raising their daughter, Taya, on her own. This brave mom’s full story will be coming soon to Sharing Shine.

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Visiting Gown Town

It’s that time again: prom season. Girls will spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful dress that they will wear for one magical night. Then that dress will most likely be tucked away in storage, perhaps forgotten about for years. “I just kept thinking about the potential of all these prom dresses hanging in closets […]

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Video: Visiting Gown Town

Lorinda Field couldn’t stop thinking about all the used (maybe only once) formal dresses hanging in the back of people’s closets. She decided to take this thought and make a business out of it. Lorinda now runs Gown Town out of her home in North Logan. She rents and sells dresses on consignment, making it […]

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