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mini baskets-featured

Mini Easter Baskets

Miniature things are always cuter. Examples: mini candy bars, baby animals, human babies, human babies’ clothes . . . okay, you get the picture, I hope. So with Easter fast approaching, we asked ourselves, “What could be cuter than miniature Easter baskets?” Granted, you can’t pile it full of sugar like you can a regular […]

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floral crown-featured

Create Your Own Floral Crown

It’s now September, but did you know summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd? So don’t bust out everything pumpkin yet, and enjoy these last fleeting days of the summer sun. Maybe you can celebrate the end of summer (or live in denial that it’s ending) by making your own flower crown. Wear it to […]

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garden hose-featured

Easy Garden Hose Repair

Every single year it seems like I manage to ruin several garden hoses. Last summer, I blamed it on the fact that all of my hoses were cheap and I decided to remedy the problem by investing in some heavy duty and more expensive garden hoses. Well, it didn’t take me long to run over one of these […]

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cone plant-featured

Ice Cream Cone Plants

Just a couple more days until Earth Day is here! What better way to celebrate this earth than by adding some more beauty to it? Today we are showing you a unique and waste-free way to grow your very own plant. WHAT YOU’LL NEED:  seeds soil ice cream cones Flower cone, anyone? It may look […]

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spring jars-featured

Spring Flower Jars

You know how the old saying goes: April showers bring May flowers. I couldn’t be more excited about the colored blooms popping up around my yard. Not only do I love the outdoor flowers, but it’s always nice to bring some of that floral elegance indoors. Today we have a sweet and simple way to […]

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bunny bag-featured

Easter Bunny Treat Bags

Treat bags are obviously the best . . . because they are full of treats. Make the treat bag festive and adorable, and you’re basically the master. We decided to take some boring, little cinch bags and give them a touch of Easter by turning them into Easter Bunny bags! While you only have a […]

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peep smores- featured

Peep S’mores

When it comes to holiday candy, Easter candy wins it for me. From the peanut butter eggs to the Cadbury mini eggs, it’s all just a sugar coma waiting to happen. However, one bit of Easter candy I’ve never been able to get behind are those blasted Peeps. When it comes to Peeps, it seems […]

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pom pom rabbit- featured

Pom Pom Bunny Rabbits

Remember that time we taught you the easy way to make pom poms? We mentioned that there are a plethora of ways to use your pom poms. Today, we are getting in the Easter and springtime spirit by making pom pom bunnies! Follow our tutorial to make your pom poms. You will need two pom […]

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