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Valentine Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day is almost here. That means it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a batch of delicious sugar cookies. These sugar cookies are light and fluffy . . . heart eyes for days. Making them will leave a magical whiff of vanilla and lemon floating about your kitchen. Bake some up and decorate […]

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Lovebird Feeders

Spread some love this Valentine’s Day by feeding the birds! During the winter months, it can be difficult for birds to find seeds due to all that snow, so help a fine feathered friend out and hang a homemade bird feeder in your yard. And in celebration of the occasion of Love Day, we’re going […]

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Beating Heart Brunch

Valentine’s Day came and it went, but we are still feeling the love here at Sharing Shine. Exactly a week before Valentine’s Day, Sharing Shine put on her first ever Valentine event! February seemed like the perfect time to gather women together to remind them of their worth and to encourage each person to love […]

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Three Last Minute Galentine Gifts

Happy Galentine’s Day! If you don’t know what Galentine’s Day is then you are missing out, girlfriend. It’s a day to celebrate all the special women in your life, always the day before Valentine’s Day. I’m always game for a day dedicated to friendship. If you need some last minute gift ideas for your galentine, […]

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Secret Love Notes

There’s something tender about a love note….especially on Valentine’s Day! We’re not talking about a text or a Facebook message….we’re talking the good old fashioned words on paper kind of note.  Your words are powerful! Use them! Use them for good! When you think of this holiday, you might think you need to be in a romantic […]

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Heart Tote

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s putting me in the mood to plaster hearts on anything I can get away with. The nice thing about hearts is that while they are especially cute for the month of February, they are still cute the rest of the year too. That’s why this heart […]

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Come to the Beating Heart Brunch

We’ve been itching to do another Sharing Shine event ever since our last one ended. We decided that coming together to celebrate Valentine’s Day would be the perfect excuse. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, even though it often gets advertised that way. This is a season to love everyone we come in contact with […]

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